Friday, March 28, 2008

You’ve got a career promotion? Here is how you handle the environment changes.

1. Stay the same with colleagues

If you have been particularly close with some colleagues, a promotion can stir things up in the office. Be prepared for some bitterness or jealousy from the colleagues who lost the promotion to you. Just act natural and be the person you have always been. Example, if you were a joker in a group, continue doing so.

2. Slowly settle down in your new responsibilities.

New power can easily get to your head. When you are armed with a new power, title and better pay, starting to give orders maybe alluring. For the first few weeks, turn to your manager and peers for guidance and treat it as a training time. You will be granted with brownie points with old and new colleagues by your humility and interest in learning.

3. Using new tools

When you have been promoted, it is common to have an assistant with the title you have. Don’t feel awkward to use this new facility. Don’t confuse these benefits was perks. These are the tools that will help you to do the job. Don’t abuse these privileges. Get your assistant to arrange meetings, send fax, schedule for any occasions so that you can fully focus on your new duties.

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