Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tips of getting a SEXY blow dry

1. To remove excess water, squeeze your hair; rap it in a towel to remove as much as you can. Then, using a small absorbent towel, stroke your hair downwards to get it as dry as possible.

2. Before using any styling products, get your hair as dry as you can otherwise you just water it down.

3. You may want to try a diffuser if your hair is prone to frizz, although it takes longer to dry your hair because the air flow is slowed.

4. Tip your head upside-down and ruffle your hair while you blow dry initially invigorates roots and builds body.

5. Lastly, start using a brush to style when hair begins to feel dry.


Mia Blog4me said...

I love this pic, is this really you?

Merqury said...

no dear, it is not.