Wednesday, December 5, 2007

8 Points on preserving youthfulness

1. Makeup can make you appear much more mature and either takes years off your face than you really are. Keep in mind all these makeup guidelines to keep that fresh look alive and preserve your youthfulness.

2. The key to look young is to look fresh. To show your natural skin, make sure your foundation is sheer. Go for an oil free foundation and blend it well if you need coverage.

3. A good lip gloss is needed even though your look matured. Do not use bright pink or oranges instead use rose or burgundy tones.

4. Before applying makeup, moisturize your skin first and if your skin is already dry avoid using powder. Makeup on dry skin makes you look aged.

5. Use creamy brown-based reds for lipstick and avoid using colored lip liners. Bright red lips don’t match to dark eye makeup and this brings a dramatic definition that can pile on the decades to your looks.

6. A single best makeup tool for keeping age at a bay is always to keep a good concealer handy. For an even complexion, use concealer on dark circles or blotchy patches.

7. A good blusher boosts up your natural look and keep you looking healthy and radiant. Go for peach or warm pink shades and apply to the apples and sweep towards your temples.

8. The thing that shouldn’t be abandoned is an intense eye makeup. Tone soft grey shadows on your eye lids is the key to play safe. Use a thin black eye pencil to line the top of your eye lashes or a dark grey or pewter liner right below lower lashes.


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