Saturday, December 1, 2007

4 ways to control your skin damage

Here are the formulas on strategies to keep you look as young as you feel and to help you age with grace.

1. Shield yourself
Applying sunscreen during the day is one of the ways to protect your skin from environmental stressors such as the sun and pollutions. Slather antioxidant cream to keep you safe from harmful free radicals for an overall protection. Collagen levels will decompose by simply being exposed to the environmental agents.

2. Look good
The key to look and feel young is your physical appearance. Hairstyles that are textured and layered should be selected. To appear soft but still striking doesn’t mean you have to abandon bold styles or colors. Include your teeth and nails. Our teeth can erode and weaken thus causing us to look older as we age. A well looked and manicured nails makes hand appear more youthful.

3. Catch some Zzzz’s…
Resting, catnapping and changing your activity to something less straining so that you can get 8 to 9 hours of sleep is restorative. Make sure you get enough rest. Provide your cells to regenerate and rest. Do things that make you happy therefore turning around a situation that causes stress to lower your stress levels. To make you appear more youthful, always be optimist and happy.

4. Fix your lifestyle
Quit smoking as it is a bad habit. Increasing of fine lines around the lips and dry skins is caused by smoking. To maintain your metabolism rate, workout main on your largest muscle in your body that is your upper body strength to build up your resistance level. Check out your diet as eating less but more frequent causes the insulin and glucose level to remain constant and less fluctuate. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables to keep your calorie intake low. The highest amount of antioxidant can be found in the above food contains the key of anti-aging benefits.


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