Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nov 07 Medical & Sex QA

1. Question: Does massaging the breast with the right pressure can help it grow bigger?

Answer: No. Your breast size doesn’t grow by exercising or by not wearing bra. Breast size normally depends on your genetics. There are many ways to enhance your silhouette by using push up bras with under wire, padding and silicon filling. To prevent your breast from sagging you can exercise because it helps to tone your pectoral muscles under your breast.

2. Question: Skin all over my body is itchy and irritated. It looks like I have eczema resulted with inflammatory skin and scars all over it. What should I do?

Answer: Family who has a history of skin allergies or sensitive skins has the higher change of getting eczema. Signs of eczema are different to each individual. Example, people who frequently exposed to soaps, detergent, germicides, juices from fruits and meats, wool, dust mites and even stress have chances to get eczema. It is advisable to visit a dermatologist as eczema can cause infection and serious condition if it is not treated properly.

3. Question: My lip is dry and very painful. I have used all kind of lip gloss, balms and moisturizers but nothing seems to work. Am I lacking certain nutrients or is this a disease?

Answer: Licking your lips will only make it drier. Are you aware of the contents used in the product you have been applying? You should. Ingredients used in the balms maybe the cause of allergic. Normally, people are allergic to lip balms that contain cocoa butter. Another reason is that you might be lack of riboflavin or Vitamin B2 that causes cracked lips. It is wise to check with a doctor.

4. Question: Is it advisable to have sex during menses?

Answer: It is common for individuals to have sexual intercourse during menses. As a matter of fact, some women admit that they are “turn on” during this period. There won’t be any problem if both partners are healthy with no disease and advisably male uses a condom.

5. Question: Is it ok to have sex everyday?

Answer: Why not unless it overtakes your other priority. Another problem that can occur is if it becomes obsession. It is more important if you could spend your time doing things together, talking real stuff rather than indulging in sexual activities. As long as, both of you feel healthy, there are no medical complications, happy together; there’s nothing wrong to have sex everyday. I hope sex is not the reason for both of you to love each other.


Petula Wright said...

Interesting Q&A!

BTW: I tagged you with a meme!

2ThePoint said...

Yep, I know about the 'touching the breasts' myth - brings back memories!

Anonymous said...

I just forwarded the link to my gf... we always worried on sexual during menstrual. Great post